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About Us

A Boutique PR Agency With Big Business Experience

ShinePR is a boutique PR agency and benefit company with 20+ years of proven experience leading marketing, PR, brand management, and communications at marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Why Choose a Boutique PR Agency?

Hands-On Service: We are able to take a more personalized approach, tailoring a PR strategy that aligns with your brand identity.

Direct Access to Our Senior Team: You have direct access to our senior team allowing for faster and more efficient communication.

Creative Collaboration: Working together leads to a better understanding of your brand's purpose and a more cohesive PR strategy.


Get direct access to our award-winning, hands-on team. As brand, marketing and PR leaders from large agencies and Fortune 500 corporations, we have what it takes to build strong brands and deliver business results.

Does your organization have hidden "purpose potential?"

We take a purposeful approach to business.
Purpose is at the core of virtually everything we do.
That's because organizations truly living their purpose achieve the greatest success.

We believe in giving back.

When others shine brighter, it brings us great joy. That's why we give 10% of our annual earnings to causes on behalf of our clients.

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