About Us

Curiosity. Experience. Integrity. Purpose.

ShinePR is a boutique public relations agency that applies big business experience to emerging brands to illuminate their purpose. Our philosophy of compassionate PR combines expertise, spirituality, and social responsibility to shine a light on others' goodness. We provide strategic counsel and tactical support across all brand and communications disciplines. 

ShinePR was born from the idea that we all have a purpose, a light to shine in the world, that creates happiness, increases hope, shares compassion, spreads goodness, or serves others. 

Our purpose is to help clients tell their story of contribution to something greater than themselves, live up to it with their action, and share it with those who will benefit so they, themselves, stand out and shine bright. 

The firm was founded by Martha Holler, an expert in public relations.


Our Founder

Branding and image transformation requiring expert articulation of corporate purpose, identity, and experience are what set Martha Holler apart. She brings this expertise together in her creation of ShinePR.

With a high-energy, high-integrity style, she is a master architect of distinctive communication strategies and award-winning campaigns that align to business objectives, amplify brand purpose, and achieve measurable results. 

In the last 10 years alone, Martha has 

  • managed multiple brand transformations and acted as primary spokesperson for publicly traded companies, 

  • served as a trusted advisor to CEOs and C-suite executives,

  • developed standout narratives and thought leadership research that generated billions of impressions,

  • led crisis communication responses on topics of national discussion, and

  • inspired high-performing, nationally recognized teams.

She has been quoted extensively by major print and broadcast outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, NPR, Associated Press, Reuters, CNBC, The Today Show, Dr. Phil Show, CNN, and more.