At ShinePR, we commit ourselves to helping others live brighter. That's more than a catchy slogan, it's our way of life.

That’s because we experience true joy and fulfillment when we contribute to a greater good. So whether your purpose creates happiness, shares compassion, or serves others, we want to be your strategic pr agency partner.

In return, we promise to help your light shine doubly bright: we'll help you raise visibility for your purpose, AND we'll invest a portion of our revenue in causes that you care about.

Clients tell us again and again how they are motivated by going beyond themselves and serving others, too. We hope you share our "live brighter" attitude and apply it to everything you do.

Our Joy of Giving

To thank our clients for inspiring us and to multiply the happiness they create for us, we've invested in these causes that compliment their purpose.

"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,

‘What are we doing for others?’"

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.