Areas of Expertise

Brand Strategy Design

Define who you are, what you stand for, and how that translates into your look, language, and experience.

Your brand is not just your logo, a catchy tagline, a slick website, or a service experience. It’s all of those things and more. Your brand is the perception prospects and customers have about you when you are not around. 

We’ll begin by articulating your purpose, identifying your target customer, and understanding your competitive differentiators. We’ll use that information to shape your identity, craft your narrative, and envision a custom end-to-end experience that delivers on your brand’s promised benefits.

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand activation

  • Brand architecture

  • Brand engagement

  • Brand experience

  • Brand identity

  • Brand marketing

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Communications Strategy

Design a digital communication strategy and an internal comms strategy that determine what to say, how to say it, to whom, and when.

An effective communications strategy identifies the key audience(s), addresses why communication is needed, articulates a simple narrative, and choreographs content distribution.

We’ll help you build credibility as a reliable and trusted source as you deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

  • Communication strategy

  • Change management

  • Crisis communications

  • Executive communications

  • Internal communications

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Use data and analytics to design marketing interactions and an end-to-end experience that drive traffic and improve conversion.

An effective digital strategy moves prospects efficiently to and through your website from entry page to purchase. It also optimizes your properties so they are easily indexed by search engines and drive qualified traffic to you.

We’ll help you build a digital marketing plan, analyze traffic and engagement data, review site design and content, understand how to improve your website visibility, capture leads, and clarify calls to action -- all to increase sales conversion rates. 

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Prospect retargeting

  • Reporting and analysis

  • SEO strategy

  • Website design and content

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Make an impact in your community by supporting the underserved, promoting sustainability, and protecting the environment.

Giving feels great. Your organization may give to its communities by investing in philanthropic causes, volunteering your time, or contributing your talent to others who can benefit. 

We’ll work with you to design an approach to corporate social responsibility that not only makes a difference, but also builds brand love.

  • CSR strategy

  • Community relations

  • CSR reports

  • Employee volunteerism

  • Foundation governance

  • Philanthropic investments

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Media Relations

Earn visibility for your brand and share your story with a broader public.

Interaction with the media is a powerful tool for creating awareness of your brand, triggering social conversations, and driving traffic to your website. Generating publicity, however, involves developing strong relationships with the media and sharing compelling story angles and facts. 

We’ll help determine your narrative, identify opportunities for placement and partnership, respond to inquiries, and track coverage.

  • Media relations strategy

  • Influencer strategy

  • Media engagement

  • Social media

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Media & Presentation Coaching

Learn and practice pro techniques so you deliver your message with confidence and finesse.

Statistics show people are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of dying. In these coaching sessions, we will prepare you to deliver your key messages with confidence and in your own style.

We’ll coach you through key message development, event expectations and control, tricks to stick to your message, prep for tough questions, and general do’s and don’ts.

  • Interview preparatioin

  • Media coaching

  • Presentation coaching

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