Grateful for Brand-Aligned Giving

Three Creative Ways Smaller Brands Give Big

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From Thanksgiving to Giving Tuesday, we’re well into the season of giving thanks. This got all of us at ShinePR thinking about how smaller brands choose to give back. How well do they relate their efforts to their purpose? And how visible is their good work to their key audiences?

Here are a few smaller brands that are giving back in highly effective ways.


ArtLifting was born from the reality that quality artwork produced in homeless shelters and disability centers is being thrown out or left to collect dust. ArtLifting gives these artist a platform to sell their work, which creates a meaningful source of income, lifts their confidence, and reduces the stigma about individuals impacted by disabilities or housing insecurity. They even go one step further, providing grants to help artists access resources, such as art classes, to improve their careers.

What makes this brand memorable: The reason ArtLifting exists is to directly solve a social problem, so their purpose and product are interwoven. And the heartfelt work they are doing creates a powerful brand impression.


Thinx pioneered period and incontinence underwear as a sustainable alternative to traditional products. Their social responsibility efforts include donating a pair for every pair purchased and working with partners to expand access to menstrual health products and services.

What makes this brand memorable: They’ve designed purpose into their business model with the popular “buy one give one” strategy and a cart donation program. And they’re building awareness about a problem that people don’t necessarily know about but many can relate to.

Birdy Grey

A start-up looking to disrupt the bridal market, Birdy Grey sells bridesmaid dresses for $99 or less. To give back, the company encourages customers to donate their gently worn gowns to The Princess Project, which provides free prom dresses to teens in need. They even include simple instructions and a mailing label on their website.

What makes this brand memorable: Birdy Grey make it easy for individuals to give back and the brand’s program solves a common, relatable problem: what to do with a dress you probably (or definitely) won’t wear again. They even market the donation as a benefit: as a way to free up space in your closet.

You don’t need to be Bomba or Ben & Jerry to make your social giving memorable. You can make great strides even as a smaller brand by ensuring your efforts tie back to your purpose, relate to your core business and are communicated in a way that’s clear and easy to remember.

We here at ShinePR are thankful for many things, including these purposeful brand role models. If you’re ready to articulate your purpose and activate it through brand-aligned giving, give us a call. We’d be grateful to help.

ShinePR Team