During Times of Crisis, Brands of All Sizes Can Make a Big Difference — Part 3

With more than a month into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we see no meaningful signs of peace. In the first and second article of the series, we looked at two brands who are making a difference within their local and virtual communities to support Ukraine. Adoptions Together is currently providing parents and children who are adopted from Ukraine with much needed support and resources. And the Market at River Falls mobilized its tight community to host a successful fundraiser, with donations benefiting the tremendous efforts of World Central Kitchen and The International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine. In this third and last article of our series, we take inspiration from a brand that has boots on the ground in Ukraine aiding relief efforts: Palatin Group.

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The Palatin Group— Making a Difference by Providing Evacuation and Resettlement Assistance to Those Leaving Ukraine

Crisis Management

The Palatin Group is a global intelligence, security, and advisory services firm with offices in Washington, D.C. and Bratislava, Slovakia. With a vision to create a safe and secure environment for individuals and organizations, the firm is committed to assisting and directing people away from danger.

Their effort in Ukraine began last year when the firm conducted a risk assessment for a client’s Ukrainian offices. They also mapped out evacuation plans should Russia invade Ukraine to assist their 350 employees of various nationalities. As the crisis unfolded, The Palatin Group activated its plans and helped evacuate U.S. employees on behalf of their client, but their effort did not stop there. Providing safety and security is in The Palatin Group’s DNA, and preparation and prioritization are key. Upon successful completion of the client engagement, the Palatin team recognized the critical need for safe evacuation and resettlement assistance for others trying to flee Ukraine. Therefore, they decided to remain in Eastern Europe and extend their services to other international and U.S. companies and their employees.

With established operations centers in Poland and Slovakia, The Palatin Group is providing real-time, on-the-ground assistance and directing those coming across borders to safe havens in Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia. By leveraging their team’s deep experience in the police, military, and government sectors, the Palatin Group has put their expertise to work quickly and resourcefully. They have evacuated families with children and pets and arranged secure transportation along the safest routes. The team also helps dislocated families by coordinating transportation and logistics, taking injured and traumatized children to medical appointments, finding temporary and permanent housing, procuring necessary family and personal items and even coordinating daycare when necessary.

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Each day, the ShinePR family waits for an update from the Palatin Group’s principals — to hear they are safe, to learn about the conditions in Ukraine, and to find out how we can support them and show our solidarity to Ukrainians.

For those looking to make a financial donation to relief efforts, it is important to understand that the country is facing operational and supply chain issues along with distribution challenges. Despite the challenges, there is tremendous need as the crisis continues to deepen. The firm’s advice is to pick a cause — food, shelter, medical supplies, etc. — and identify a reputable organization that is on the ground in Ukraine to ensure your donations get to the individuals who can most benefit. You can visit Charity Navigator to research organizations dedicating resources to Ukraine.

Like Adoptions Together, the Market at River Falls, and numerous brands around the world, the Palatin Group is driven to make a big difference in Ukraine, not to make money, but to do the right thing and live up to its brand purpose.

Let’s continue to learn from each other and share how brands, big or small, local or online, are taking action to support Ukrainian relief efforts. Is there a brand you would like to recognize for taking action at this historic moment?

Laura Wessells

Laura Wessells has been a Brand, Marketing and PR leader for more than 25 years. She co-founded ShinePR in 2020 to continue her passion of helping cause-driven brands tell their story.